A man performs a tire rotation on a white vehicle in a shop.

Do tires need to be balanced when rotated?

Reasons For and Against Tire Balancing

You hear it all the time: “tire balance and rotation.” Heck, we’re guilty of it all over the service pages (and corresponding blog posts) of this website. When talking about tire service, balance and rotation are two words that are almost always uttered together. What is the difference between these two procedures, specifically? And is it absolutely necessary to balance tires when they’re rotated?

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A car is built from cardboard and masking tape.

Who builds Volkswagen vehicles?

VW: The People Behind the Car

On their YouTube channel, Volkswagen has released an intriguing series of videos that focus on the human element that plays into the manufacture of every model. With this series, entitled “People Behind the Car,” viewers are introduced to Tim, Chris, Brittany and Ben. These four individuals represent the diverse reality of day-to-day lives that are lived by those who assemble the cars we drive.

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Silver 2020 Volkswagen TIguan driving through a city intersection.

What are the seating options in the 2020 VW Tiguan?

2020 Volkswagen Tiguan Seating Configurations

The 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan is not just your average crossover SUV. While most crossovers content themselves with a mere five seating spots (a move that puts them perpetually at the mercy of mockery by minivan drivers) the VW made waves by increasing this capacity to seven in the Tiguan. But in which ways can these seven seats be configured? What are the different seating options inside the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan?

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A single windshield wiper stands at vertical position as it wipes a windshield, viewed from inside the car.

Where can I get wiper blades installed for free in Elgin, IL?

Finding the right windshield wipers, and then installing them on your vehicle, can seem much more difficult than it should be. Not only are there different kinds of blades, but different blades have different methods of attachment. You also have to keep track of several pieces and make sure they all fit together in the right way. It’s clear that windshield wipers simply love being unnecessarily complicated. We often find ourselves wishing a president would pass a law that forces all windshield wipers to be standardized.

As things stand, many would rather just pay a service shop to take care of the whole process for them. And if the price of the installation is free, so much the better. Where can one get wiper blades installed at no cost by a service shop in Elgin, IL?

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