2019 Volkswagen Atlas silver front view towing a traile

What are the laws for towing a trailer in Illinois?

Illinois Trailering Regulations and Laws

Though towing is generally legal across the USA, every state has their own unique laws and regulations to follow and stay mindful of. Whether you’re just passing through Illinois with your trailer or towing here periodically, be sure to observe the regulations compiled below in order to avoid incident in the Land of Lincoln.

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A humanoid creature activates remote start from a short distance in the snow as a bird flies overhead.

How far away does VW remote start work from?

Volkswagen Remote Start Range

It’s always a pleasant experience being able to warm one’s engine up before one hops inside. Here in Elgin, things certainly get chilly during the winter months, and anything one can do to lessen the pain is welcome. Remote start can certainly take a good chunk of suffering out of the daily commute.

But what if your vehicle is parked far away? How far away does Volkswagen remote start work from?

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A sausage skewered on a fork, flanked by the VW logo and topped by two American flags on the background of a blue sky with white clouds drifting in.

Where can I buy VW currywurst in the US?

Finding the Volkswagen Sausage

One of the most unique bestsellers in the Volkswagen brand isn’t an automobile or related part at all; it’s a sausage. Branded as a “VW original part” (specifically number 199 398 500 A), VW currywurst has been produced since 1973. Since that time, it’s won prizes at German food fairs and received gold awards from the German Agricultural Society.

Though mostly made with the intention of feeding their employees, the currywurst has gained popularity beyond the VW factory cafeterias and can be found in supermarkets and football (i.e., soccer) stadiums across Europe. It’s also given away to Volkswagen customers in that continent when they purchase a new VW.

If you’re like us, talk of the VW currywurst immediately gets those salivary glands running. So, can the desire for a delicious Volkswagen sausage be satiated? Where can one buy or find VW currywurst in the United States?

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Women looks bummed and holds up a piece of cardboard with the word "Help!" written on it

How do I reset the ABS warning light on my vehicle?

The ABS light represents your Anti-Lock Break System. This system will pump your brakes if things get hairy, in order to prevent your ride from going into an uncontrolled skid. If something’s wrong with the system, the ABS light should turn on.

Once you fix the problem with your ABS system (if there is one), you’re probably wondering: how do I reset my ABS dashboard light?

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2017 Volkswagen Golf GTI rolls up a highway.

Is the VW CPO warranty transferable?

Transferring the VW CPO Warranty

Getting a certified pre-owned Volkswagen is a great way to wed the benefits of buying a new and a used vehicle into one. Drivers can enjoy the knowledge that they’re obtaining a high-quality machine while also getting a great price.

Another benefit of CPO vehicles is that they come with warranty coverage. But if you’ve found yourself on this page, you’re probably wondering: is the VW CPO warranty transferable?

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A man blows a bagpipe with all his might.

What’s happening for St. Patrick’s Day 2020 in Elgin?

Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 Events in the Elgin, IL area

The celebration of that beloved green-loving snake exorcist, more commonly known as St. Patrick’s Day, is approaching once again. For St. Pats 2020, Elgin has many interesting happenings going down; in addition to the typical drinks and bar crawls, we’ve come across parades, workouts, dinners and goat yoga.

Read on below for some unique St. Paddy’s Day 2020 events in Elgin!

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