Two people walk on a city cobblestone path

What are the best walk routes in downtown Elgin?

Where to Enjoy a Walk in Elgin, IL

Getting out for a walk, even if it’s just in the city, can be a surprisingly refreshing experience. Luckily for us, Elgin is a city that’s acclaimed for it’s walkability. It also enjoys plenty of attractions to check out to ensure that the walking experience is enjoyable throughout.

The Downtown Elgin Association has collaborated to compile some ideal walk routes through the city, along which you can not only enjoy yourselves but learn something as well. Just remember to be responsible; COVID is still out and about, so don’t gather in large groups, and maintain social distance. Also note that playgrounds are closed, but parks are open.

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A picnic themed background with black text fronting it that reads, "Best Picnic Spots in Elgin, IL"

Where are the best places to have a picnic in Elgin, IL?

Elgin Area Top Picnic Spots

Having a nice picnic in the park is, for many, a near-essential summer activity. Luckily, the Elgin area is flush with great places to do so. From neighborhood parks to forest preserves, we’ve got it all. Whether you want to make the picnic part of a day trip with hiking included, or just walk down the block with the kids, the options are available for you in this Cook county region.

So scroll on down to reach into the grab bag of parks we’ve compiled below. Click whichever one happens to draw your finger, or go through them to make a methodical choice. Either way, you’ll be able to get out into nature, refresh the body, mind and soul. Chakras will be aligned, and third eyes will be cleansed; whatever vibes with you.

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Glistening 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan in a city.

Does the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan have a CD player?

2020 Tiguan CD Player Feature Availability

It seems like it wasn’t all that long ago that having a CD player in your car, as opposed to a tape player, was a modern hallmark. This exciting feature opened up new avenues of audio fidelity and playing convenience; no more did a cassette tape have to flipped over or fast-forwarded through manually. With the CD player available, many of us proceeded to amass large collections of CDs from our favorite artists.

But as always, the world changed. Streaming services just kept increasing in popularity, continually lowering the need for CDs. And the demand for modern cars switched to technology that can play those streams rather than CDs.

Because of this, CD players are disappearing from the latest vehicular models at a lofty rate. Is Volkswagen hanging on to the compact disc? Does the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan have a CD player?

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A police car waits and watches by the side of a highway

How many crashes occur due to police chases in Chicago?

Police Chase Injuries and Incidents in Chicago, IL

Police chases are an intriguing aspect of the automotive era. They often capture our fascination, whether in a movie, TV show, or the news. It can be fascinating to see the vehicles and streets used for daily activities transformed into a venue for eluding capture.

However, police chases have grown in controversy over the years, as a closer look at the process reveals negative elements often outweighing the positive. The main downside is the danger chases put on both the general public and police themselves during the chase. How many crashes occur due to police chases in Chicago?

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