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Two human arms work on the underside of the vehicle. A yield sign reads, "Safety First". Text reads, "CHECK YOUR VEHICLE SAFETY RECALL STATUS NOW!"

Where can I check for and remedy recalls on my vehicle in Elgin, IL?

Vehicle Recall Remedying Service in Elgin

Nobody’s perfect, and that includes automakers. Models frequently have recalls issued for defective parts. Sometimes the problems are small, but sometimes they’re large and even life-threatening.

If there’s been a recall on your vehicle, it’s important to get it addressed as soon as possible. This can be done at a service center that addresses recalls. Where can one get a recall addressed in the Elgin area?

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White text on a green background reads, "WE'RE OPEN FOR BUSINESS AND HERE TO HELP! We want tp assure everyone that we are actively takeing the necessary measures to keep customers, employees, and our communities safe in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. Your health and well-being is our top priority!"

Are car dealerships an essential service in Illinois during the stay-at-home period?

Open Car Dealerships and Service Centers in Illinois During COVID-19

Governor Pritzker has issued an official Stay At Home Order for Illinois that requires all “non-essential” businesses and services to close their doors (unless the employees can work remotely). As this is an unprecedented (albeit necessary) step, many citizens remain confused about what actually qualifies as essential. Are car dealerships, for example, considered an essential business in Illinois during the COVID-19 quarantine?

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Mechanic in a blue uniform looks under the hood of a vehicle.

Can I get my car serviced from home during quarantine in Elgin, IL?

Free Maintenance Pick-Up and Drop-Off Serving the Elgin Area

As all services except the necessities are put on hold due to the COVID-19 quarantine, a fair amount of confusion has arisen among the populace. This is to be expected with any circumstances so unprecedented as the current ones. One key piece of confusion held by individuals is the question of which service are considered “essential” and which are not.

Luckily, car service centers are still deemed essential by the state of Illinois, as individuals continue to require functional vehicles. But going out to a service center still feels a risky, and even irresponsible, move. Is it possible to get service and maintenance done on your vehicle from home?

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A single windshield wiper stands at vertical position as it wipes a windshield, viewed from inside the car.

Where can I get wiper blades installed for free in Elgin, IL?

Finding the right windshield wipers, and then installing them on your vehicle, can seem much more difficult than it should be. Not only are there different kinds of blades, but different blades have different methods of attachment. You also have to keep track of several pieces and make sure they all fit together in the right way. It’s clear that windshield wipers simply love being unnecessarily complicated. We often find ourselves wishing a president would pass a law that forces all windshield wipers to be standardized.

As things stand, many would rather just pay a service shop to take care of the whole process for them. And if the price of the installation is free, so much the better. Where can one get wiper blades installed at no cost by a service shop in Elgin, IL?

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A variety of Black Friday offers at Elgin VW are displayed.

What stores are offering Black Friday sales for 2019 in Elgin, IL?

Black Friday Sales 2019 in Elgin, IL

Thanksgiving approaches rapidly, and while we love the time spent gathered to stuff our faces with family, for many of us, once the meal has been downed, it’s time to turn to the next order of business: Black Friday. Taking full advantage of Black Friday sales requires some planning and forethought. To help you out, we’ve compiled some info on Black Friday events here in Elgin this year.

Read on for some tidbits of advice on how to get started on your 2019 shopping spree. Though it’s always an option to hit up the malls over in Chicago, we looked into two of the main stores right here in Elgin renowned for their Black Friday celebrations. Oh, and we threw in a special one at the end that’s particularly close to our hearts. Read the rest of this entry >>

A salesman and a customer shake hands after a deal has been completed to both their satisfaction.

Where can I trade in my used vehicle for a good price in Elgin, IL?

Used Car Trade-In Specials in the Chicago Area

You may have heard that it’s often possible to trade in a used vehicle for a new model while keeping your monthly payment the same. This is especially true nowadays thanks to a pre-owned car market that’s saturated with high demand and low supply; car dealerships are desperately seeking to increase their used inventory stock. Where can you get a great deal on your trade-in near Chicago? Read the rest of this entry >>

Silver 2017 Volkswagen Tiguan drives down a country road.

Where can I buy a pre-owned SUV in Elgin, IL?

Pre-Owned SUVs near Chicago

It’s not hard to see why SUVs and their crossover brethren continue to fill more and more of the American automotive market. Capability, convenience and style have never been so perfectly wedded in a single type of model. Especially since, as technology improves, many of the failings that used to hold back the SUVs of the early millennium, such as sub-par fuel economy, have largely been remedied.

Getting such a great machine can be understandably expensive, but this cost can be significantly knocked down by buying used. Where can buyers find a great selection of pre-owned SUVs in the Chicago area? Read the rest of this entry >>

What are the Volkswagen Vehicle Protection Plans?

You have invested heavily into your new Volkswagen, so you should be confident that you will be protected if something unfortunate happens. As some drivers need that extra piece in mind to feel comfortable, the Drive Easy protection program is available for anyone that owns a Volkswagen and wants to protect their vehicle. These plans range anywhere from maintenance coverage to theft. Here, we will cover the various Volkswagen Vehicle Protection Plans available. Read the rest of this entry >>