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Aerial View of Cars Parked at Parking Lot

What is the Difference Between Buying and Leasing a Vehicle?

Buying a Vehicle vs Leasing a Vehicle 

When it comes to getting a vehicle for your regular commute or weekend adventures, you have a choice to either buy a vehicle or lease it out for a specific time frame. The option you choose depends on your usage as well as budget preferences. Buying a vehicle means acquiring the car by paying the price, either in a lump sum or in monthly installments, whereas leasing allows you to use the vehicle for a fixed term, by paying lease rentals periodically. Keep scrolling down to learn more about the key differences between buying and leasing a vehicle, presented to you by our team at Elgin Volkswagen in Elgin, IL. 

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Image of a pair of windshield wipers

How to Activate Windshield Wipers on a Volkswagen?

Windshield Wiper Operation of your Volkswagen 

For years, Volkswagen vehicles have been known for their reliability. If you drive a Volkswagen and take good care of it, you’ll never be stranded on the road. In addition to keeping you safe on the go, Volkswagen models are also technologically advanced. While the innovative technology features of a Volkswagen keep all the passengers entertained and comfortable, it also makes the driver’s life a lot easier on the road.  

For starters, the wiper system of Volkswagen vehicles offers some state-of-the-art features, making them your ideal companion for the road. Sounds intriguing? Please see the video below to learn about the windshield wiper operation of a Volkswagen from our team at Elgin Volkswagen. Moreover, if you’ve any other questions regarding a Volkswagen model, you can contact our team in Elgin, IL, by dialing 847-428-2000.  

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View of tires stacked together

When to change my tires?

Is it time to change my tires?

Worn-out tires are a hazard while on the road as it reduces the braking effect of your car and can cause an accident while on the road. Find out if it is time to change your tires by checking the tread depth of your Volkswagen. Join us at Elgin Volkswagen in Elgin, IL, to learn how to check the tread depth of your car. Continue reading for more information.

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Image showing close up of a man holding a mobile phone and using the Volkswagen Online Service Scheduling feature

How To Schedule Volkswagen Service Online?

Step-by-step video tutorial on how to get started with Volkswagen Online Service Scheduling   

Does your Volkswagen need maintenance? Shouldn’t scheduling a car service be a snap these days? If these are your concerns, then you’ve come to the right place. Check out this step-by-step video guide on how to get started with Volkswagen Online Service Scheduling and schedule your next Volkswagen service appointment online using just your smartphone and see how easy it can be. Just click, type, or swipe. It’s that simple. Watch this video to find out more.   

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2021 Volkswagen Tiguan drives along a highway

Where can I get new SUVs/Crossovers with all-wheel drive in Elgin?

Impressive Selection of New All-Wheel-Drive-Equipped Crossovers and SUVs near Chicago, IL

SUVs and crossovers are wildly popular for the bevy of capable, family-friendly features they bring to the table, and adding all-wheel drive to the mix increases such capabilities even further. Here in Elgin, all-wheel drive is not only helpful for traversing trails out to the loveliest campgrounds during the warm summer months, but also for getting out of snowy driveways during our long, frigid winters.

A great selection of quality new SUVs and crossovers outfitted with AWD can be tough to track down in the region, however. Where can individuals find an impressive array of new SUVs and crossovers with all-wheel drive in Elgin, IL?

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2022 Volkswagen Golf R in futuristic room

Is the 2022 Golf R fun to drive?

2022 Volkswagen Golf R First Drive Impressions and Review

The upcoming, all-new 2022 Volkswagen Golf R is nothing less than exhilarating; we here at Elgin Volkswagen have been hearing, talking and writing about it seemingly nonstop since it was first announced. We’ve already droned on endlessly about everything from its exciting capabilities to its unique, innovative features, all of which sound sure to deliver an incredible driving experience.

However, words are one thing, especially when they come from a Volkswagen dealership. What do other, unbiased sources have to say about the pleasure of driving a 2022 Volkswagen Golf R?

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White 2021 Volkswagen Jetta on street

How do you reset the tire pressure light in a Volkswagen Jetta?

Volkswagen Jetta Tire Pressure Monitoring System Dashboard Light Step-By-Step Deactivation Instructions

If you’ve gone to the trouble of adjusting the tire pressure of your Volkswagen Jetta, you may notice that the tire pressure warning light on the dashboard is still activated. What gives?

Well, the Tire Pressure Monitoring System light has to be manually reset to make it turn off after the tire pressure has been adjusted. If you take your Jetta into a service center (such as ours here at Elgin Volkswagen), they’ll do that for you, but if you adjusted the tire pressure yourself, you’ll have to reset the light yourself too. How does one reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System light in a Volkswagen Jetta?

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White 2021 Volkswagen Jetta on street

Where can I buy a new car for less than $20,000 in Elgin, IL?

New Cars Under $20,000 in Elgin, IL

It can certainly be a challenge to find new vehicles priced under $20,000 these days. However, we’re happy to report that quality vehicles can still be obtained within that price range; you just have to know where to look. Where can drivers find quality new vehicles that cost less than $20,000 in the Elgin, IL area?

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A man hands keys to a woman after she signed a warranty upon which sits a miniature car

Where can I get a used car with a warranty in Elgin, IL?

Used Vehicles with Warranty Coverage and Other Benefits in Elgin, IL

Getting a used car can be a great value, but it can also feel like a risky proposition. Not only do you not know the exact details of what a vehicle has been through, but used vehicles typically don’t come with the same warranty coverage and assurance that new vehicles do.

However, some used vehicles do come with warranty coverage; you just have to know where to find them. Where can one get a used vehicle with warranty coverage included in the Elgin area?

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2022 Volkswagen Golf R in futuristic room

When will the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R come out?

2022 Volkswagen Golf R Anticipated Release Period

Excitement levels are running high for the 2022 Volkswagen Golf R. It’s no surprise; after taking a brief hiatus after the 2019 model year, the performance- and track-oriented take on the Golf hatchback is now poised to return better than ever. As a result, many eager customers keep asking us over and over again here at Elgin Volkswagen: when will the 2022 Golf R be released?

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