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A picnic themed background with black text fronting it that reads, "Best Picnic Spots in Elgin, IL"

Where are the best places to have a picnic in Elgin, IL?

Elgin Area Top Picnic Spots

Having a nice picnic in the park is, for many, a near-essential summer activity. Luckily, the Elgin area is flush with great places to do so. From neighborhood parks to forest preserves, we’ve got it all. Whether you want to make the picnic part of a day trip with hiking included, or just walk down the block with the kids, the options are available for you in this Cook county region.

So scroll on down to reach into the grab bag of parks we’ve compiled below. Click whichever one happens to draw your finger, or go through them to make a methodical choice. Either way, you’ll be able to get out into nature, refresh the body, mind and soul. Chakras will be aligned, and third eyes will be cleansed; whatever vibes with you.

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Close-up on two big wheels of film tape

What movies were filmed in Elgin, IL?

Cinema Filmed in Elgin: Trailer Compilation

It’s a special thrill to see somewhere you recognize onscreen. While Elgin doesn’t appear in as many films as, say, Chicago, it’s still made appearances through its fair share of popular cinema.

Sorting through the vast sea of existent films to find glimpses of Elgin can be an exhausting undertaking, however. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to compile six popular films below that feature Elgin as a filming location. Enjoy the trailers, see if you recognize anything (or anyone), and search the movie out on streaming services if it really captures your liking!

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A woman wonders how a car and a sausage can be related.

Why does VW make sausages?

Reasons Behind the Volkswagen Currywurst

You may have heard tales of infamous Volkswagen currywurst. The sausage is manufactured at the main VW plant in Wolfsburg, and sold in all six Volkswagen factories in Germany. It’s availability has also spread to supermarkets and football stadiums across Europe. And when European customers purchase a new VW, a free package of currywurst is commonly included.

Currywurst has been branded as an official “Volkswagen Original Part,” being designated with the number 199 398 500 A. There were 6.81 million of them manufactured in 2018; the automaker makes more sausages than cars. VW also produces a special ketchup and line of cutlery specifically made to accompany the currywurst.

But why?

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An old beat-up VW bus that played a role in the civil rights movements rests in a white environment. A small film camera is tastefully placed in the upper-left.

What unique videos does Volkswagen make about their models?

“Volkswagen Presents” Short Film Compilation

In addition to more traditional commercials and a plethora of helpful “how to” videos, Volkswagen has a unique series of videos they put out called “Volkswagen Presents.” These lovingly crafted shorts focus on the unique meaning particular Volkswagen vehicles have had in the lives of individuals over time. The result is an inspiring overview of how VW machines have been (and continue to be) interwoven with American culture through the years.

For your easy perusal, we’ve compiled the four currently-available Volkswagen Presents shorts below. Enjoy.

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2020 Volkswagen Passat, American version, cruises along a wet highway.

What are the differences between the European and American Passat (and why are they different)?

We love the 2020 Volkswagen Passat. For the latest iteration, VW has blessed the U.S. market with fresh styling, an updated interior, and new technology features. This always-great model got even better for 2020.

But did you know that 2020 VW Passat that Volkswagen sells to its European market is a substantially different vehicle? Read on to find out the differences between the American and European Passat, and just why these differences may exist.

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A sausage skewered on a fork, flanked by the VW logo and topped by two American flags on the background of a blue sky with white clouds drifting in.

Where can I buy VW currywurst in the US?

Finding the Volkswagen Sausage

One of the most unique bestsellers in the Volkswagen brand isn’t an automobile or related part at all; it’s a sausage. Branded as a “VW original part” (specifically number 199 398 500 A), VW currywurst has been produced since 1973. Since that time, it’s won prizes at German food fairs and received gold awards from the German Agricultural Society.

Though mostly made with the intention of feeding their employees, the currywurst has gained popularity beyond the VW factory cafeterias and can be found in supermarkets and football (i.e., soccer) stadiums across Europe. It’s also given away to Volkswagen customers in that continent when they purchase a new VW.

If you’re like us, talk of the VW currywurst immediately gets those salivary glands running. So, can the desire for a delicious Volkswagen sausage be satiated? Where can one buy or find VW currywurst in the United States?

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Close-up of a hand playing a saxophone. Text reads, "Unique Valentine's Activities in Elgin, IL." Silhouette of a bird creature approaches a solitary rose.

What can I do for a memorable Valentine’s Day 2020 in Elgin, IL?

Unique Valentine’s Day 2020 Activities in Elgin, IL

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast this year, as it always seems to do once February kicks into gear. If you have a significant other and you’re neurotic like us, that means your mind is starting to race about what to do for celebration.

While there’s nothing wrong with the classic romantic meal paired to a bottle of wine, restaurants can be awfully crowded, and prices can be steep. Furthermore, it’s just a bit unoriginal; if you’ve been with someone for a while, you may find yourself doing the same things to celebrate year after year.

With this in mind, we decided to search out some particularly memorable Valentine’s Day 2020 events in Elgin. Read on to find how to spend a unique V-Day with your loved one.

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A car is built from cardboard and masking tape.

Who builds Volkswagen vehicles?

VW: The People Behind the Car

On their YouTube channel, Volkswagen has released an intriguing series of videos that focus on the human element that plays into the manufacture of every model. With this series, entitled “People Behind the Car,” viewers are introduced to Tim, Chris, Brittany and Ben. These four individuals represent the diverse reality of day-to-day lives that are lived by those who assemble the cars we drive.

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A toy car rolls along with a large Christmas tree tied to its back.

What’s the best way to transport a Christmas tree in your vehicle?

The Christmas season is here, and, for many, one of the most essential parts of the whole “Christmas vibe” is the tree. There’s nothing quite like the way a tree imbues a room with holiday atmosphere through its look and smell (the latter of which is not to be underestimated).

But one thing we don’t like to think about quite as much is how we actually get that Christmas tree. If you’re one to go out and cut it down yourself, that part might be fun (hey, to each his own). But then how do you get it back to your house? Especially if one does not have a trailer, transporting a Christmas tree can feel like a hassle. Read the rest of this entry >>