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An oil filter cap on a car

Where Can I Find Special Oil Change Offers in Elgin, IL?

Get Your Car’s Oil Changed at Elgin Volkswagen

Drivers in the Elgin, IL area know how harsh the winter weather can be on our vehicles. As we head into the spring and summer months, it is a good idea to do some maintenance on our vehicles.  This includes the standard oil change. To ensure your Volkswagen keeps running well, stop by Elgin Volkswagen for your next oil change. Our dealership is offering a special oil change service now through the end of June. To learn more about this special and why you should choose Elgin Volkswagen for your vehicle needs, keep reading.

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Man searches for sales using his binoculars, his desire reflected in the glass

Where can I currently find special offers on new cars in Elgin, IL?

September 2020 Limited-Time Deals on New Volkswagen Models

Shopping for a new vehicle can be made all the more economically feasible when a special deal is on hand to help. Luckily, we at Elgin Volkswagen are currently offering an array of special financing rates, along with one heady MSRP discount!

The specials listed below are slated to expire on September 30th, so if you see something you like, take advantage of it soon. We recommend using our online shopping options to do so. Thanks for reading, and happy perusing!

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A single windshield wiper stands at vertical position as it wipes a windshield, viewed from inside the car.

Where can I get wiper blades installed for free in Elgin, IL?

Finding the right windshield wipers, and then installing them on your vehicle, can seem much more difficult than it should be. Not only are there different kinds of blades, but different blades have different methods of attachment. You also have to keep track of several pieces and make sure they all fit together in the right way. It’s clear that windshield wipers simply love being unnecessarily complicated. We often find ourselves wishing a president would pass a law that forces all windshield wipers to be standardized.

As things stand, many would rather just pay a service shop to take care of the whole process for them. And if the price of the installation is free, so much the better. Where can one get wiper blades installed at no cost by a service shop in Elgin, IL?

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Details on three VW details with special lease offers for December 2019.

Where can I find December 2019 lease specials on new cars in Elgin, IL?

Elgin VW December 2019 Sign then Drive Event

Those looking to lease a VW at a special rate can come on down to Elgin Volkswagen this December. We’re currently hosting a Volkswagen Sign then Drive event. That means that an array of specific models are being offered with 39-month leases at special rates. In addition, nothing is due at signing! All you have to do is sign and then drive away.

Whether you’re in the market for a smooth-riding sedan (or an all-wheel drive variation), a sportier performer, a crossover or an SUV, the Volkswagen line-up has got you covered. The offers last until January 2nd, 2020. So, if you’re interested, hurry down before the month is up! Read the rest of this entry >>

A variety of Black Friday offers at Elgin VW are displayed.

What stores are offering Black Friday sales for 2019 in Elgin, IL?

Black Friday Sales 2019 in Elgin, IL

Thanksgiving approaches rapidly, and while we love the time spent gathered to stuff our faces with family, for many of us, once the meal has been downed, it’s time to turn to the next order of business: Black Friday. Taking full advantage of Black Friday sales requires some planning and forethought. To help you out, we’ve compiled some info on Black Friday events here in Elgin this year.

Read on for some tidbits of advice on how to get started on your 2019 shopping spree. Though it’s always an option to hit up the malls over in Chicago, we looked into two of the main stores right here in Elgin renowned for their Black Friday celebrations. Oh, and we threw in a special one at the end that’s particularly close to our hearts. Read the rest of this entry >>

A salesman and a customer shake hands after a deal has been completed to both their satisfaction.

Where can I trade in my used vehicle for a good price in Elgin, IL?

Used Car Trade-In Specials in the Chicago Area

You may have heard that it’s often possible to trade in a used vehicle for a new model while keeping your monthly payment the same. This is especially true nowadays thanks to a pre-owned car market that’s saturated with high demand and low supply; car dealerships are desperately seeking to increase their used inventory stock. Where can you get a great deal on your trade-in near Chicago? Read the rest of this entry >>

2018 VW Atlas with text banner for Memorial Day Savings Event

Memorial Day savings have started here at Elgin Volkswagen

2018 Volkswagen Memorial Day Savings Event Elgin IL

Memorial Day is a different holiday for many because it’s not one that is about celebration so much as it is about honoring our troops. Still, it is also appreciated as it is one of the first holidays we see after a long, bleak winter and spring. As the weather warms up, we’re able to appreciate the hard-earned freedom we have more than ever. What better way to appreciate it than with a bit of travel? Here at your Elgin, IL Volkswagen dealership, we’re proud to announce our Memorial Day Savings Event has already launched and is running all month long. Read the rest of this entry >>

Another model year is ending here at Elgin VW

2017 Volkswagen Model Year End Sales Event Elgin IL

There’s something bittersweet about a model year ending, as we had only just gotten used to the vehicles we already had on the lot. Then again, with all-new options like the 2018 VW Atlas heading into showrooms, we aren’t shying away from anything fresh either. Right now, the 2017 Volkswagen Model Year End Sales Event has now launched here in Elgin IL, at Elgin VW. This means great vehicles that have the latest features will be discounted in order for us to make room for new vehicles coming in. Read the rest of this entry >>