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Are EVs less efficient in the cold?

How Cold Weather Affects Electric Vehicles

Electric vehicles are getting an awful lot of hype these days, and it’s true that they provide many benefits over combustion engines. Most importantly, it’s past time for humanity to start taking climate change seriously, and EVs promise the possibility of maintaining the ease of mobility that developed countries have become used to while not totally obliterating this beautiful hunk of planet we call home.

However, EVs still have some challenges. One issue you may have heard of is that electric vehicles perform worse in cold weather. Is this true?

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Cartoon women joyfully hike through autumn woods

Where are some good spots to go hiking in the fall near Elgin, IL?

Great Spots to Appreciate Autumn in the Elgin Area

With turning leaves and just-as-rapidly cooling weather, fall is in full swing here in Illinois. The cycle deepens by the day, blessing us with a beautifully visceral demonstration of the inherently impermanent nature of the universe.

If you find yourself with a spot of free time, why not get out and see it in action? To that end, we’ve provided some of our favorite hiking areas to observe, feel, experience and accept the continual fading and rebirth process of our planet.

Peruse below, and happy exploring!

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A bunch of pumpkins

Where can I pick my own pumpkin near Elgin, IL?

Elgin-area Pumpkin Patches for Halloween Fun

Autumn has arrived, and the best way to take advantage of this fleeting season is by taking part in a few rituals that really help one enjoy the fall vibes. One tried-and-true activity is picking one’s own pumpkin at a pumpkin patch.

So pick an Elgin-area patch from below, and then pick a pumpkin (don’t be slow)!

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A man blows a bagpipe with all his might.

What’s happening for St. Patrick’s Day 2020 in Elgin?

Saint Patrick’s Day 2020 Events in the Elgin, IL area

The celebration of that beloved green-loving snake exorcist, more commonly known as St. Patrick’s Day, is approaching once again. For St. Pats 2020, Elgin has many interesting happenings going down; in addition to the typical drinks and bar crawls, we’ve come across parades, workouts, dinners and goat yoga.

Read on below for some unique St. Paddy’s Day 2020 events in Elgin!

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Close-up of a hand playing a saxophone. Text reads, "Unique Valentine's Activities in Elgin, IL." Silhouette of a bird creature approaches a solitary rose.

What can I do for a memorable Valentine’s Day 2020 in Elgin, IL?

Unique Valentine’s Day 2020 Activities in Elgin, IL

Valentine’s Day is approaching fast this year, as it always seems to do once February kicks into gear. If you have a significant other and you’re neurotic like us, that means your mind is starting to race about what to do for celebration.

While there’s nothing wrong with the classic romantic meal paired to a bottle of wine, restaurants can be awfully crowded, and prices can be steep. Furthermore, it’s just a bit unoriginal; if you’ve been with someone for a while, you may find yourself doing the same things to celebrate year after year.

With this in mind, we decided to search out some particularly memorable Valentine’s Day 2020 events in Elgin. Read on to find how to spend a unique V-Day with your loved one.

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A toy car rolls along with a large Christmas tree tied to its back.

What’s the best way to transport a Christmas tree in your vehicle?

The Christmas season is here, and, for many, one of the most essential parts of the whole “Christmas vibe” is the tree. There’s nothing quite like the way a tree imbues a room with holiday atmosphere through its look and smell (the latter of which is not to be underestimated).

But one thing we don’t like to think about quite as much is how we actually get that Christmas tree. If you’re one to go out and cut it down yourself, that part might be fun (hey, to each his own). But then how do you get it back to your house? Especially if one does not have a trailer, transporting a Christmas tree can feel like a hassle. Read the rest of this entry >>

A variety of Black Friday offers at Elgin VW are displayed.

What stores are offering Black Friday sales for 2019 in Elgin, IL?

Black Friday Sales 2019 in Elgin, IL

Thanksgiving approaches rapidly, and while we love the time spent gathered to stuff our faces with family, for many of us, once the meal has been downed, it’s time to turn to the next order of business: Black Friday. Taking full advantage of Black Friday sales requires some planning and forethought. To help you out, we’ve compiled some info on Black Friday events here in Elgin this year.

Read on for some tidbits of advice on how to get started on your 2019 shopping spree. Though it’s always an option to hit up the malls over in Chicago, we looked into two of the main stores right here in Elgin renowned for their Black Friday celebrations. Oh, and we threw in a special one at the end that’s particularly close to our hearts. Read the rest of this entry >>

What stores are open on Thanksgiving in Elgin, IL?

Where You Can Shop on Thanksgiving 2019 in Elgin

Theoretically, it would be nice for everyone to get Thanksgiving Day off to spend with their family. But sometimes you need a last-minute pumpkin pie mix or turkey seasoning, and you may be left wondering which stores you can still go to for that.

Alternatively, maybe you’re looking to get a head start on your Black Friday shopping. For better or worse, many Black Friday deals are beginning earlier and earlier each year, and quite a few have crept up into the latter half of Thanksgiving Day.

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