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Five Tricks to Improve Your Fuel Economy

When we think about our cars, we generally assume that they work for us. However, when it comes to fuel economy, the opposite is also true: we can work for our cars to get the best value from our gas tanks. How, you ask? First and foremost, we can use some simple tactics to improve our fuel economy. Here are five tricks to make that happen.

Five Tricks to Improve Your Fuel Economy

Change Your Air Filter

Your car’s engine needs a steady stream of clean and clear airflow to function properly. Your air filter is the how this vital function is achieved; a clogged or dirty air filter means that your engine can’t possibly live up to its potential. So, every 15,000 miles or so, get yourself a new air filter, and your car will reward you with better fuel economy.

Hand opening oil filter capReplace Your Spark Plugs

When your car engages in the ignition process, it uses a mix of gas and air to achieve combustion. Over time, however, carbon from your car’s fuel will build up, and eventually might make ignition tougher to achieve. So, by either using a fuel additive or visiting the Elgin VW service department, we can help counteract this buildup, and get you better fuel economy in the process.

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Fill Your Tires

Your tires, when properly filled, can help get you better gas mileage. However, if your tires aren’t filled properly, you’ll get worse gas mileage. Sounds simple enough, right? On the inside of your driver’s side doorjamb, you can find your necessary air pressure.

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Clean Out Your Trunk

What are you doing lugging around a box of books or your old weight set? All of this extra junk adds weight to your vehicle, which makes your car work harder than it needs to. So clean out your trunk, and marvel at how your car gets better gas mileage than you’d ever imagined.

Don’t Drive Like a Jerk

Yes, pounding on the gas and brake like it’s your job will hurt your gas mileage. Who knew? Driving like a nice person actually can help your fuel efficiency. A consistent gas and brake balance lets your car make the most of every drop.

Obviously, we want all of our drivers to get the most out of their fuel, and that’s why we offer so many great Volkswagen models that get terrific fuel efficiency. Visit us today at Elgin VW to schedule your test drive!