Image of a pair of windshield wipers

How to Activate Windshield Wipers on a Volkswagen?

Windshield Wiper Operation of your Volkswagen 

For years, Volkswagen vehicles have been known for their reliability. If you drive a Volkswagen and take good care of it, you’ll never be stranded on the road. In addition to keeping you safe on the go, Volkswagen models are also technologically advanced. While the innovative technology features of a Volkswagen keep all the passengers entertained and comfortable, it also makes the driver’s life a lot easier on the road.  

For starters, the wiper system of Volkswagen vehicles offers some state-of-the-art features, making them your ideal companion for the road. Sounds intriguing? Please see the video below to learn about the windshield wiper operation of a Volkswagen from our team at Elgin Volkswagen. Moreover, if you’ve any other questions regarding a Volkswagen model, you can contact our team in Elgin, IL, by dialing 847-428-2000.  

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Front and Rear Wipers | Knowing Your VW by Volkswagen USA 

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