2019 Volkswagen Atlas

Volkswagen introduces the Digital Cockpit to its new Atlas

What are the benefits of the VW Digital Cockpit?

Everyone is excited about the upcoming 2018 Volkswagen Atlas because it will be the biggest option for the VW lineup, and its bold styling ensures it will make an impact on the market. With so much going on, it’s been hard to do more than an overview of the model and one major feature hasn’t received much more than a passing mention: the VW Digital Cockpit. This 12.3-inch display is sure to make the Atlas one of the more tech-friendly models, but what is it and what are its benefits?

What is the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit?

Keep in mind that the 12.3-inch VW Digital Cockpit is an optional feature for the upcoming 2018 Volkswagen Atlas, but we also heard it announced for the upcoming 2017 VW e-Golf, long wheelbase Tiguan and the recently revealed Arteon. With so many models offering it as an available option, we wouldn’t be surprised to see it’s availability dramatically expand for the 2018 model year. Now is the time to start deciding whether it’s an upgrade you want, or one you can live without.

So what does it offer? It’s essentially a high-tech replacement for your gauge cluster, with a hi-res TFT display and 1440 x 540-pixel resolution. Why would you want to upgrade one of your basic displays? The idea behind it is advanced customization. This screen will allow you to view and adjust the display size of the following:

  • Navigation map
  • Virtual speedometer
  • Virtual tachometer
  • Adaptive cruise control
  • Driver preference settings
  • Fuel economy
  • Contact information and call history
  • Off-road specs like driving angle, altimeter and compass directions
  • Driver assistance alerts

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All of these features can be customized and adjusted to get a view that is ideal for the information you care about most when driving, while your important gauges remain on the screen. They are simply smaller and off to the side. Conveniently, adjusting the Volkswagen Digital Cockpit is all done through controls on your steering wheel so you can focus on driving and not leaning over to press on a touchscreen. Remember, this is just one extra screen to add convenience to your life, as the MIB II infotainment system will still be present for all your entertainment needs.

The 2018 Volkswagen Atlas is due for a release this month, so you can check out the optional VW Digital Cockpit soon. Until then, be sure to check back here at the Elgin Volkswagen Blog to stay updated on all the latest VW news.