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Top 3 Cafés in Elgin, Illinois

What are the best cafes near the Elgin area in Illinois? 

Are you looking for a place to catch a quick bite with your friends and family? We’ve got you covered. Join us at Elgin Volkswagen to find out what are the best cafés near the Elgin area in Illinois. Continue reading for more information.  

Blue Box Café  

Located at 176 E Chicago Street in Elgin, IL, the Blue Box Café is known for its exclusively vegetarian and vegan-friendly options on the menu, offering American cuisine. Regular customers recommend that first-timers to the café try out their Grilled Cheese Sandwich and Coffee. The café is described as eclectic and unique with its Doctor Who-themed décor. Be sure to drop by Blue Box Café if you are in the area.  

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 Arabica Café  

The café offers a refreshing menu of bakery items, soups, sandwiches, and coffee/tea drinks. Located at 59 Douglas Avenue in Elgin, Illinois, the Arabica Café offers homemade bread, a delicious chipotle chicken sandwich, and a mouthwatering cookie. Be sure to drop by with your friends and family for a quick bite.  

Some of the menu items offered at a café
Image of a Latte offered at Café

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Sweet Berry Café  

Located at 720 N McLean Blvd. in South Elgin, Illinois, the café is known to offer gluten-free options alongside a vegan and vegetarian-friendly menu. Customers recommend their light and fluffy pancakes alongside perfectly poached eggs. At Sweet Berry Café, they like to mix it up and offer a very different and exciting menu, so don’t miss out on the café if you are in the area.  

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