How do you reset the tire pressure light in a Volkswagen?

May 15th, 2024 by

Volkswagen Tire Pressure Light

Volkswagen Jetta Tire Pressure Monitoring System Dashboard Light Step-By-Step Deactivation Instructions

If you’ve gone through the trouble of adjusting the tire pressure of your Volkswagen, you may notice that the tire pressure warning light on the dashboard is still activated. 

The Tire Pressure Monitoring System light has to be manually reset so it turns off after the tire pressure has been adjusted. If you take your Volkswagen into your nearest Volkswagen service center in Elgin, they’ll do that for you, but if you adjusted the tire pressure yourself, you’ll have to reset the light yourself too. In this blog, we’ll go over how you can reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System light in your Volkswagen at home. 

Before resetting the Tire Pressure Warning Light in your Volkswagen, be sure that you’ve put the correct amount of pressure in your tires. 

Checking Your Volkswagen Tire Pressure

To check the tire pressure or refill your tires with air, you can go to your nearest gas station — or if you have an air pump at home, feel free to do it in your garage! Pull your Volkswagen up to the air pump, and follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you’re close enough to the pump that the air hose can reach all four of your tires.
  2. Remove the cap on your first tire. 
  3. Use a tire gauge to check the tire pressure.
  4. If the tire is underinflated, use the air pump to slowly fill the tire back up to the appropriate amount of air. There should be a diagram on the interior of the driver’s door frame that denotes the ideal amount; alternatively, check the owner’s manual for your specific model.
  5. Once the tire has the right amount of air, put the cap back on the tire.
  6. Repeat the process for all four of your Volkswagen’s tires.

The process for deactivating the Tire Pressure Monitoring System light on a Volkswagen differs depending on the model and year, but here are some general steps you can take to reset the light. For more specific instructions, consult your owner’s manual.

Volkswagen Tire Pressure Light

How to Reset the Tire Pressure Monitoring System Light in a Volkswagen 

  1. Turn on your ignition.
  2. In the glove box, you should see a red button.
  3. Hold this button down for about two seconds. You should hear a beep.
  4. Your tire pressure light should now be turned off.

If you have a newer Volkswagen vehicle, then here is another method you can use:

  1. Turn your vehicle’s ignition to “On” without starting the engine.
  2. On the audio display system, select “CAR”.
  3. In the bottom right corner of the screen, choose “Settings”.
  4. Choose “Tires”.
  5. Choose “Set”.
  6. You should see a confirmation message. When you do, hit “Confirm”.

For any other questions about your Volkswagen tire pressure light or other service and parts tips, stop into Elgin Volkswagen today