Where can you find a list of VW dashboard warning lights?

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What’s more frustrating than seeing an unexpected warning light illuminate in the dash of your Volkswagen car? How about seeing one you don’t even know the meaning of? Some symbols are obvious, like your low fuel indicator, but then there are a variety of other symbols that are completely unrecognizable.

List of Volkswagen Dashboard Warning lights and symbols

If you don’t keep your owner’s manual in your glovebox, you might be feeling lost as to where you can find a list of Volkswagen dashboard warning lights. Don’t worry, as you’ve come to the right place!

Images of VW warning lights

Below you’ll find pictures of all the most common VW warning lights that American drivers can expect to see. One thing to note is the color of your symbols. You’ll see that they come in green, yellow and red. Similar to traffic lights, green means everything is okay, yellow is a warning and red means something is urgent.

A green light means that a system is activated or must be activated in order to use a feature. Yellow is a warning, usually to indicate that a system is malfunctioning (or monitoring for the system is). Red lights often mean a failure that could potentially be dangerous or prevent your vehicle from running. When you see a red light, you should get your vehicle repaired quickly, and in many cases, you’ll want to pull over. Ignoring a red symbol could mean doing further damage to your vehicle.

This is a current list of VW dashboard warning lights for the U.S. market. Keep in mind that other markets might see slight variations, especially in models that are not carried in America or models that are older.

Red VW Warning Lights

  1. Door Ajar Warning Light: This light indicates that one or more doors are not properly closed. Check all doors and close them securely.VW symbol vehicle door ajar red doors open
  2. Hood Open Warning Light: Engine hood is open or not closed properly. VW red warning light hood
  3. Trunk Lid Open Warning Light: Trunk lid is open or not closed properly. VW red warning light trunk
  4. Ignition Warning Light: Ignition malfunction or immobilizer activated.VW red warning light ignition malfunction
  5. Steering Wheel Warning Light: Steady: Steering system malfunction. Flashes: Electronic steering column lock malfunction. Exclamation point: Stop as soon as you see this symbol.VW red warning light Steering system malfunction
  6. Safety Belt Warning Light: Driver and/or passenger safety belts not buckled.VW red warning driver and/or passenger safety belt not buckled
  7. Transmission Temperature Warning Light: DSG transmission too hot.VW red warning DSG transmission too hot
  8. Parking or Brake System Warning Light: Park: Electronic parking brake engaged. Brake: Brake system malfunction or fluid level too low. Brake Wear: Brake pads worn. Have brake pads checked and/or replaced.VW red warning electronic parking brake engagedVW red warning brake system malfunction
  9. Engine Coolant Warning Light: Engine coolant level too low, engine coolant temperature too high, or engine coolant system malfunction.VW red warning light engine coolant low
  10. Engine Oil Warning Light: Engine oil pressure too low.VW red warning light engine oil pressure too low
  11. Battery Warning Light: Alternator malfunction, or deactivation of electrical consumers.VW red warning light 12V alternator malfunction
  12. Cruise Control Warning Light: Cruise control malfunctioning.VW red warning light cruise control malfunctioning
  13. Front Assist Forward Collision Warning Light: Brake or take action to avoid the vehicle ahead.VW red warning light front assist forward collision warning
  14. Differential Lock Warning Light: Differential lock malfunction.VW red warning light differential lock malfunction
  15. AdBlue Warning Light: No engine restart possible, not enough AdBlue or AdBlue system malfunction.VW red warning light red adblue
  16. Hybrid Warning Light: Error in the hybrid system, stop as soon as possible.VW red warning light red hybrid error
  17. Central Warning Light: Read and follow the message in the center of the instrument cluster display.VW red central warning light

These symbols may vary depending on the market, model, and year of your Volkswagen vehicle. Your Volkswagen dashboard may also have yellow, green, and white warning lights. More information about those can be found on the Volkswagen website.

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Understanding the dashboard warning lights and symbols in your Volkswagen is essential for safe and efficient driving. By learning the meaning of each of these indicators, you can address any issues that arise by bringing your Volkswagen vehicle in to your nearest Volkswagen Service Center.

If you ever encounter a warning light that you’re unsure about, consult your owner’s manual or head into your local Volkswagen dealership and talk to a qualified technician. We hope this guide has been helpful in demystifying Volkswagen dashboard warning lights and empowering you to navigate the road with confidence. Stay safe and happy driving!

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