How much are tax, title, and license fees in Illinois?

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How much are tax, title, and license fees in Illinois?The Cost of Illinois Vehicle Purchase Tax, Title, and License Fees

When buying a vehicle, there are some costs that may not be initially obvious to a new or first-time car buyer in Illinois. Three of these largely unavoidable “hidden costs” are tax, title, and license fees. So that brings up the question, how much are tax, title, and license fees in Illinois? As your trusted car dealer in Elgin, we’re here to answer your questions!

How Much are Tax, Title, and License Fees in Illinois?

Standard tax rate, title, and license fees charged on a new vehicle in Illinois in 2024 are as follows:

  • Sales Tax: 7.25% (additional county taxes may also apply)
  • Title Fee: $165
  • License and Registration Fee: $151
  • Total: $316

As such, the total tax, title and license fee in the Prairie State is typically $316 plus 7.25% (give or take additional county taxes) of the purchase price.

What other fees are there?

Besides the typical fees above, other Title fees exist for other situations. These include:

  • Duplicate or Corrected Title: $50
  • Salvage Certificate: $20
  • Junking Certificate: $0

When you buy a beautiful new Volkswagen car, you won’t mind paying these fees when it’s the car of your dreams!

How do I apply for a license plate in Illinois?

To apply for license plates in Illinois, submit a copy of the Illinois Certificate of Title for the vehicle in your name. You must include a completed Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190). These forms should be submitted to the Secretary of State.

Though the typical fee is $151, the license plate category or the weight of the vehicle ultimately determines how much you’re charged.

How do I apply for a vehicle title in Illinois?

To apply for a title, submit an Application for Vehicle Transaction(s) (VSD 190), along with the $165 title fee. The applicable tax form, along with a surrendered title or manufacturer’s certificate of origin (signed by you or the seller) should also be included. Other supporting documents may also be required.

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